Are Disney Pins Still Popular?

What is a hidden Mickey pin?

Hidden Mickey Pins are a collection of pins released by Disney at Disney Parks and Resorts.

Hidden Mickey Pins are available for trade at Disney Parks and Resorts through Disney Cast Members.

Disney Cast Members typically display these pins on pin lanyards..

Are Loungefly pins real Disney pins?

All official Disney trading pins are made with hard enamel, where as Loungefly pins use soft enamel.

Are Boxlunch Disney pins tradable?

Technically they are just collector pins and aren’t advertised for trading. But, you can still trade them with guests and Cast Members. They have a Disney copyright on them and are officially licensed, they just don’t feature the Disney Pin Trading logo on the back.

Disney has decided to modify this experience once the parks reopen. Walt Disney World announced that they will continue to offer Guests pin trading opportunities via the pinboards at select merchandise locations. … Cast Members will NOT be allowed to pin trade via lanyards in order to maintain safe social distancing.

Do Disney pins have any value?

There are thousands of Disney pins of movie characters and Mickey Mouse and his friends, and while most of these retail under $10, there are limited edition pins and extremely rare pins at a much higher price. … Pins released from 1999 to 2010 are said to be worth a lot more than newer pins released today.

Do Disney cast members still trade pins?

Pin trading is intended to be free; you should never pay to trade a Disney pin. The only pins cast members will not trade are award or service pins and personalized name pins. Pin trading etiquette says you should not touch any of the cast member’s pins.

Can you trade fake pins at Disney?

Lucky, it doesn’t need to cost so much. If you do your homework, you can buy your pins for trading before you ever leave home and save a ton of money! … All Disney Cast Members will accept them for trades, but they probably are not pins you would want to keep in your collection if you become a serious collector.

Do all Disney pins have serial numbers?

Recently, Disney have started issuing serial numbers to the back of the pins (not all pins as of yet though). If it is a newish pin I would always recommend checking that the serial number is there just to make sure it is a genuine Disney pin. (The serial number is the black writing on the pin).

Why are Disney pins so expensive?

Depending on the pin, some pins that are sold at the Disney parks can get pretty expensive. … This means that trying to buy and collect pins that are sold in the parks can be pretty expensive. Some pins are even sold on websites like eBay and apps like Mercari for way more money than they originally cost.

Is my Disney pin fake?

The easiest way to spot a fake pin is if it is a soft enamel pin. 99.99% of the time these pins are fake. Unless you buy it in a Disney store and it comes with an official backing, it’s almost definitely a scrapper. Soft enamel pins are a cheaper way to produce pins.

Are Disney Fantasy pins illegal?

These fan pins are not trademarked or officially sanctioned by Disney but so many people are crazy about them! For sake of comparison I’ve compiled a mixture of Official Disney Pins and Fantasy Pins below. The ones marked as “ShopDisney” are official merchandise and the ones marked “Etsy” are fan merchandise.

What is a scrapper Disney pin?

Scrappers are simply pins that didn’t meet quality assurance standards and have been resold to people looking to buy pins on the cheap. Sometimes, the same molds are used in an unauthorized manner to make the fakes. This makes it really difficult to know if you’re getting the real deal.

Where can I sell my Disney pins?

Facebook Groups & Instagram If you are looking for other Disney Pin selling groups, just search Facebook for others. You can post your collection in these groups and some even have thousands of members. Another great way is Instagram. A lot of people use IG for selling/trading Disney Pins.

What pins are worth money?

The 5 Rarest and Most Valuable Baseball Trading PinsThe Jackie Robison Rookie Pin. One of the most valuable baseball trading pins of all time also serves as a reminder of the importance of diversity and inclusion. … A 1912 Press Pin. … Lou Gehrig’s 1933 Cracker Jack Prize. … Topps Pins From 1956. … A 1927 Press Pin.

What pins can you trade at Disney?

participant pins that show a Disney, Disneyland Resort, or Walt Disney World Resort affiliation will be accepted for trading. For safety, trade pins with the backs attached. . Above all… Have fun!!