How Can I Subscribe To Hindu?

Is the Hindu app free?

The Hindu has launched a personalised, ad-free version of its app for Android users as part of its subscription offerings.

For subscription log on to or download/upgrade The Hindu app on the Google Play Store..

Can you read Hindu online?

Well, one way is their E-paper edition ( ). …

How do you make a newspaper PDF?

How to download newspapers in PDF format online :Head over to the news article you wish to save.Click ‘File’ > ‘Print’Where you would normally choose the printer to use, there should be an option to ‘save as PDF’Finally, hit ‘Save’ and pick the location to save the file.

What is the cost of Hindu newspaper in Delhi?

Rs 15The Hindu on Sunday costs Rs 15 in Delhi now.

How can I prepare for Hindu newspaper for IAS?

Here are a few tips to help you read the newspaper better for the IAS exam. Know the syllabus: Read the syllabus thoroughly as it will help you in picking the articles while leaving out the irrelevant ones. This is a major time saver. Don’t focus on political news: Do not put your focus on political news or remarks.

What is the Hindu Plus?

The Hindu Education Plus is a weekly supplement that publishes the latest information on colleges, courses and careers. The supplement is published every Monday. The supplement offers guidance on academic opportunities, emerging academic concepts and practices, career options and counselling. right to education.

How much does a Hindu newspaper cost?

What is the cost of a Hindu newspaper? The Hindu newspaper costs range about Rs. 8 to Rs. 15 depending on the city and the day, if you buy them individually.

Which newspaper is best for UPSC preparation?

The HinduThe Hindu is the most recommended newspaper for UPSC aspirants. However many are confused about how should they finish ‘The Hindu’ in minimum time covering the priority areas. Almost every IAS aspirant know the importance of reading newspapers for UPSC Civil Services Exam preparation.

Is the Hindu subscription worth it?

A digital subscription to The Hindu will provide you access to premium features such as personalised article recommendations, quick briefings on the day’s news, ability to bookmark articles for later reading, and more.

How much does newspaper cost in 2020?

Buying power of $8 since 1997YearUSD ValueInflation Rate2017$13.682.84%2018$14.103.09%2019$15.046.63%2020$15.865.49%*20 more rows

How do I cancel my Hindu subscription?

To cancel, go to the “Cancel Subscription” page and follow the instructions for cancellation. If you cancel your subscription, your account will automatically close at the end of your current billing period.

Which is better the Hindu or Indian Express?

The Indian Express has better coverage of Union Government and its politics. However, they fall behind The Hindu in describing politics and governance of various states. The Hindu has a better op-ed. The Indian Express is a little heavier on secularism/civil liberties.

How do I subscribe to Hinduism?

After login to e-Paper,Click on the left menu icon menu icon andselect the ‘Subscription’ option.Select the number of days that you want to subscribe to.In the next screen make sure that you have selected the correct option. … Click ‘Next’ to go to the payment gateway to make the payment.

What is the Hindu subscription?

What is Digital Subscription? A digital subscription to The Hindu will provide you access to unlimited articles on its website/android mobile app along with premium features such as personalised article recommendations, quick briefings on the day’s news, ability to bookmark articles for later reading, and more.

What is the Hindu Upsc special subscription?

The ‘UPSC Special’ subscription plan by The Hindu includes 12 months of: TheHindu epaper. Frontline Digitial magazine.

Is the Hindu Epaper free?

You can visit daily around 7AM morning to download The Hindu Newspaper in PDF for FREE. The Hindu Paper Clearly differentiate between News and Opinions. The Hindu News Paper gives Priority to areas of National Concern & usually avoid masala news items/trivial issues.

What is the Hindu frontline?

Frontline is a fortnightly English language magazine published by The Hindu Group of publications from Chennai, India. … Apart from topics of politics and political economy, it also covers a wide range of topics including Arts, books, cinema, Science and English language.

How do I contact Hinduism?

Contact Us. We are always here to answer your questions!Address.Corporate HQ. STEP. The Hindu Group. Kasturi Building, 859-860, Anna Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600002.Operational hours. 10AM – 7.30PM (Weekdays)General contact / support. Phone: +919789883344. Email: Follow Us.