Is The Innocent Man Real?

What happened Denice Haraway?

However, Haraway’s body was discovered the following year — more than 20 miles from the location Ward said Haraway was killed at and was killed by a single gunshot wound rather than multiple stab wounds, according to court records..

What happens in the innocent man?

The ending of The Innocent Man saw Ron Williamson and Dennis Fritz freed from prison after they were exonerated for the murder of Debbie Carter in 1982. After new evidence comes to life, the pair are asked to provide DNA samples that rule them out of the crime.

Where is Karl Fontenot now?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma – Karl Fontenot was released from prison in 2019 after 35 years behind bars for the 1984 murder of Denice Harraway in Ada.

Is Tommy Ward still in jail?

Tommy Ward — one of the subjects of Netflix’s true-crime docuseries “The Innocent Man,” who was convicted of abduction, rape and the murder of an Oklahoma woman — is to be released from prison (where he was sentenced to life) and all charges against him dismissed, Ward’s legal team announced Saturday.

Is Glen Gore still alive?

In 2003, Gore was convicted of Carter’s murder and sentenced to death, per The Oklahoman. The Ada News reported that he appealed this and was granted a new trial, but was convicted again in 2006. He’s now serving life in prison without parole, according to Oklahoma inmate records.

What happened Tommy Ward?

Tommy Ward has been in prison for 35 years and was supposed to be released today after a judge dismissed Ward’s murder conviction. But one day before Ward’s release, a temporary stay, requested by the Oklahoma State Attorney General back in December, was been extended.

Who murdered Donna Denice Haraway?

Tommy said there were two men in his dream, Karl Fontenot and Odell Titsworth, and the dream involved the abduction, rape and murder of Ms. Haraway. After describing his dream, police asked Tommy to describe the dream again while they videotaped it. The next day, Karl Fontenot was arrested in Hominy Oklahoma.