Question: Who Died In Bargain Hunt?

Has Catherine Southon got cancer?

Catherine Southon Cancer Many websites on the internet have been spreading a rumor of Catherine suffering from cancer, she did not confirm anything regarding such matters.

So, we hope she is in fine health and will live more fruitful years..

What is the biggest win on bargain hunt?

It was on this version of the show that the record was set for the greatest profit earned on Bargain Hunt. A team led by Michael Hogben purchased a Royal Worcester box at Ardingly Fair for £140; the item made £800 in the live primetime auction.

Who is Thomas Forrester’s wife?

The leading fan theory for the shift was that he married Jessica Forrester, who also works at Special Auction Services, and in a thoroughly modern move, took her name. This is yet to be confirmed. The amount of outcry that the name change prompted, forced Special Auction Services to address the issue via Twitter.

Is Charles Hanson ill?

TV ANTIQUES expert Charles Hanson has opened up about his battle with cancer and the loss of his baby son. Sign up for FREE now and never miss the top Royal stories again.

Has flog it been Cancelled?

The BBC’s long-running antiques programme Flog It! has been cancelled after 17 years. It is being removed as part of a shake-up to “modernise” BBC One’s daytime schedule, the corporation said, making room for six new shows.

What really happened to Tim Wonnacott?

Tim Wonnacott has stepped down from BBC1’s Bargain Hunt following his suspension after an alleged altercation with the show’s producers. Wonnacott, who has presented the daytime show for 12 years, will continue to provide the voiceover for the BBC’s Antiques Road Trip.

What is the most expensive item sold on flog it?

rhino horn cupFlog It!’s highest priced antique sells at auction Follow the bidding as the rhino horn cup goes up for sale at auction… and breaks all the Flog It! records for our highest priced item ever.

Is Natasha Raskin still married?

Is Natasha Raskin still married? Natasha and husband Joe Sharp have been married for four years. They tied the knot back in 2016 during a ceremony held in Scotland.

Is Thomas Plant married to Jessica Forrester?

The most obvious theory is that he changed his name after getting married to Jessica Forrester, a fellow auctioneer. But fans are still confused because this isn’t Thomas’ first marriage. Previously, he was married to a woman named Angela.

Who is Jessica Forrester?

Jessica Forrester works for Special Auction Services as an auctioneer and auction manager. She joined the team at SAS in early 2017 and has worked her way up through the team since then. Besides her auctioneering role, Jessica is also in charge of the HR and staffing for the firm.

Is bargain hunt fixed?

It became obvious that they had all fixed the prices. ‘ The BBC admitted the price of goods is negotiated off camera rather than on screen as is suggested in the show. Once a deal is done an ‘accurate reconstruction’ is filmed.

Do contestants get paid on bargain hunt?

Usually there would be commission to be paid on the proceeds of the sale, but for simplicity Bargain Hunt will award each team the difference between the hammer price and purchase price for all the objects – your three items and the expert’s Bonus Buy if you took it on.

Why is Tim Wonnacott not on bargain hunt now?

The 67-year-old, who we revealed was suspended from the show following a bust-up with producers in 2015, has put the country estate on the market for £2.75 million as he plans to move to Australia alongside wife Helen.

Which antique dealer died recently?

David BarbyThe Antiques Road Trip team has learned of the very sad passing of David Barby, one of daytime TV’s best-loved antiques experts. David died in hospital in Coventry on Wednesday 25 July following a short illness, with his family at his bedside.

Why did Thomas plant changed name to Thomas Forrester?

Thomas Plant has changed his name to Thomas Forrester, which came as a surprise to many of his viewers. The leading theory for Thomas’s name change was that he married Jessica Forrester and took her name.