Question: Why Does Etsy Want My Social?

Do you have to declare income from Etsy?

If you sell items on Etsy, you must pay income tax on your income—usually, the total amount you earned by selling your products, less your business expenses.

Etsy reports your gross income to the IRS on Form 1099-K, but even if you don’t receive a 1099-K, you must report Etsy sales income on your tax return..

Is it safe to give Etsy your bank info?

Etsy will not give out your bank acct. information. If you don’t do it, you can’t sell here. Their site, their rules.

Is Etsy trusted?

Etsy is super safe. Make sure you check out the store’s policies/shipping to make sure you receive it on time. Yes you can trust etsy. … There are over 1 million sellers on Etsy.

Can you get banned from Etsy?

Sorry, but this is the only way that marketplaces like Etsy, eBay, Amazon, etc can actually ban bad actors. They will block any accounts associated with the data they know about the person: IP address, physical address, cookies, CPU serial numbers, bank accounts, SS numbers, phone numbers.

How do I get my Etsy back after being banned?

To file an appeal:Click Contact support at the bottom of this page. You’ll be prompted to sign in to your Etsy account.Select My Account, then Reopening a Suspended Account.Write a detailed message, including:

Why is my Etsy account suspended?

An Etsy account can be suspended due to customer or seller policy violations on your account. This suspension can be temporary or permanent, disallowing you from continuing to sell or operate on You can appeal your account to try and get it running again, but Etsy can deny those requests.

Why does Etsy want my ID?

As mentioned before, the main reason they ask for your photo ID is security. Etsy wants to guarantee that their sellers are trustable. In other words, to keep their users safe, they need to know who their sellers are.

Does Etsy track your IP address?

Etsy uses the address when there is more than one shop associated with the IP address. Etsy has no way to determine if the shops associated are run by one person using friends or family members as a front or are actually run by several individuals. Etsy doesn’t close on a whim.

Does Etsy ask for SSN?

Etsy does not need to use your social to deposit funds into your account. They only need the routing number and account number. The ONLY thing etsy can legally ask for your social for is if they are extending credit. It is illegal to ask for the last four of your social for identification purposes only.