Quick Answer: Can Amazon Sellers See Your Email?

What information do Amazon sellers see?

No, as a buyer I (Amazon seller) get your adress, and phone number.

There are STRICT policies that these are only to be used for carriers/shipping purposes.

If I need to message a buyer it has to go through amazon.

Amazon has continued their reputation for being safe and fair to customers..

Who is the biggest Amazon seller?

MEDIMOPSWho are the top 1,000 Amazon sellers?#Store nameFeedback12 mo1MEDIMOPS370,2092Cloudtail India216,0373musicMagpie210,3008 more rows•Jan 22, 2020

Can I change my business name on Amazon?

Typically, you need to enter this only when you are signing up for Amazon Pay; however, if you change your business information (such as your business name or phone number), you can change your information on the Account Info page. … Next to Business Profile Amazon Pay, click Edit.

Are Amazon gifts anonymous?

Amazon will inform you about that before you buy it. However, if you want it to stay a secret, the recipient will not be notified. The good thing is that Amazon will tell you if the person you wish to receive the gift already bought the item through his or her profile.

Does Amazon share personal information?

Does Amazon Share Your Personal Information? Information about our customers is an important part of our business, and we are not in the business of selling our customers’ personal information to others.

Does Amazon share your email address?

Amazon says they do not sell information on buyers or sellers. Your email could have been acquired from a previous buyer (or anyone you have emailed through Amazon) that had their email account hacked and addresses mined.

Does Amazon share your address?

Note: If you enable this feature, we’ll send the third-party seller your specified shipping address. The address-sharing feature isn’t specific to a particular seller. You can choose not to enable this feature, but purchasers will need to enter your shipping address when buying gifts from sellers.

How do you find out who bought something on Amazon?

You can find this information via Seller Central->Orders->Manage Orders, and then click on the individual order Id links. Here, you will see a link for contacting the buyer via email using the buyer’s amazon-assigned email address.

How do I find my Amazon buyers email address?

All I can do is go to the order, click on Contact buyer, and select “Confirm order details” and compose an email to the buyer. Amazon does not want you sending their buyers a couple of emails. That’s a good way to get suspended.

Do I need a tax ID to sell on Amazon?

To obtain an EIN, Amazon sellers require an ITIN or Social Security number (SSN). The one exception is that if you’re a sole proprietor but don’t have any employees, you are ineligible for an EIN. Once you sign up as an Amazon seller, you will need to complete a tax interview via Amazon Seller Central.

Can Amazon sellers see your name?

If the item is sent to the actual buyer, their name and full address is on the packing slip. The only buyer who you are blinded from, is the buyer who uses the seller to drop ship items for them. They are all hidden! … Thank you for selling with Amazon.

Can people see your address on Amazon wishlist?

Your address is private on your Wish List. When someone buys you something, the only information that will pop up is your name and city. Your full address will never show up when someone buys a gift from your Wish List.

How do I hide my Amazon sellers address?

Just delete the address (or addresses) from the Business Address section in your seller dashboard. That will remove the address, may take some time to purge from the system. If you can’t delete them you can basically put WHATEVER address you want so change it to Amazon’s headquarters or Disneyland.

How do I remove my email from Amazon?

Under the “Tell us more about your issue” section, select “Account Settings” in the first box and “Close My Account” in the second box. You’ll have to talk to Amazon’s customer support staff about this. Under the “How would you like to contact us?” section, choose either “Email”, “Phone”, or “Chat”.

Should I give an Amazon seller my address?

The customer is free to give you their address or not. If you want you can send them the replacement MCF. There are standard procedures for replacements, but there is no real requirement for you to follow them. Don’t expect to get reimbursed for the broken item, though.