Quick Answer: Is Cedar Better Than Douglas Fir?

Is Douglas fir wood expensive?

If wood strength and hardness matter to you, choose Douglas-fir wood over whitewood.

Fir is harder and stronger than pine, spruce or hemlock, and it’s less likely to have knots or other blemishes.

It may be more expensive but probably not as expensive as a hardwood like oak unless it’s clear fir..

Does Douglas fir stain well?

It’s solid and straight and the grain is gorgeous but there’s one downside, douglas fir needs a little coaxing to accept stain. … If you plan on staining fir, like we did, you can’t keep sanding and sanding all the way up to a, say 300 grit, sandpaper until you have a nice smooth surface.

Is Douglas fir good for flooring?

Douglas fir is a very durable hardwood flooring option. … It has an excellent modulus of elasticity, meaning it can bend and return to its original shape, unlike many brittle hardwoods, as well as good ratings for tension parallel-to-grain, shear, and compression.

What is the best finish for Douglas fir?

Dye-based stains are ideal for very fine or close-grained woods like CVG Douglas fir. Pigment-based stains tend to hide the natural grain because they sit on the surface, but they do leave your wood with an impressive color effect. They work best on less dense woods.

Is Douglas fir a strong wood?

Fir. Often referred to as Douglas Fir, this wood has a straight, pronounced grain, and has a reddish brown tint to it. Fir is most often used for building; however, it’s inexpensive and can be used for some furniture-making as well. … Douglas fir is moderately strong and hard for a softwood, rating 4 on a scale of 1 to 4 …

Is Fir harder than cedar?

Fir has a medium bending strength and is weak to crushing force. … Cedar species vary in their bending strength, but are weaker than fir on average. Most cedars are also weak against crushing, but eastern red cedar withstands crushing fairly well, and is stronger than fir.

Is Douglas fir cheaper than cedar?

Douglas Fir Wood Decking is slightly more expensive than Cedar Wood Decking. Douglas Fir is found in Western America, from Alaska to California, and as far east as British Columbia.

Can Douglas fir be painted?

Yes, Douglas Fir is made ready for painting, staining and sealing. If purchasing green Douglas Fir Lumber, be sure the lumber is dry to the touch before finishing.

Which is better fir or cedar?

Cedar doesn’t rot as quickly as fir wood, but fir resists warping and splitting over time better than cedar. Fir also doesn’t discolor and weaken around nails and screws like cedar can.

What lasts longer pressure treated or cedar?

Cedar decks last 15 to 20 years, compared to 10 to 15 years for pressure-treated wood.

How long will untreated Douglas fir last?

10-15 yearsIt’s also naturally resistant to rot, decay, and insects. According to research done by the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, completely untreated Douglas fir will last 10-15 years in outdoor uses.

What is the most beautiful wood?

Beautiful WoodHere at Rowden Atelier furniture making school, we are extremely lucky to work with infinitely variable and immensely beautiful wood ranging from native to exotic hardwoods. … Sugar Maple. … British Elm. … English Cherry. … English Oak. … Rosewood. … Macassar Ebony.