Quick Answer: What Size Sonotube For A 4×4 Post?

Should I use 4×4 or 6×6 fence posts?

6×6 is overkill for sturdiness.

4×4 is the standard.

And if you do it as a privacy fence, 6×6 posts stand out and make it look more substantial..

Is 2 feet deep enough for fence posts?

The minimum depth that you should dig your fence post holes for panel sections is 2 feet. A general formula is to dig the holes one-third to one-half of the post’s aboveground height. The deeper you dig the holes, the more stability your fence has, but you must also purchase longer posts.

How do you keep fence posts from rotting in concrete?

Consider Adding Posts to Concrete From here, you should fill the hole with about 6 inches of gravel. This will prevent rotting by ensuring that the post is kept dry when water makes its way into the soil. Place the post in the gravel, then fill with a batch of cement until it reaches the top of the hole.

How much rebar is in a 12 sonotube?

Generally, one stick of rebar per 8 inches of footing width will suffice.

How much concrete do I need for a 4 foot sonotube?

Based on the fixed diameter and depth (or height) of the sono tubes for a project, our customers can get an accurate calculation of the amount of ready-mix concrete needed to fill that sono tube. For example, a sono tube with a 10″ diameter and a 4′ depth requires 0.08 cubic yards of concrete.

How many bags of concrete do I need to fill a sonotube?

30 cubic feet, 60 pounds of concrete mix yields . 45 cubic feet and an 80-pound bag yields . 60 cubic feet.

How do you calculate pier size?

To determine the load of a deck pier, you must take half the length of the joist span multiplied by half the length of the beam span (measured from pier to pier). This number is then multiplied by 50, which is the 40 psf live load, 10 psf dead load mentioned earlier.

How far apart should piers be?

While 8 to 10 feet apart is a sufficient distance for foundation piers to support most structures that would sit atop a post and pier foundation, if the building is particularly tall or made of heavier materials such as brick or metal, it’s not uncommon to place the foundation piers even closer together.

Can I leave sonotube in ground?

Absolutely NOT! Sonotubes are not designed to withstand the pressure and weight of collapsing soil and should never be used in this manner. Serious injury or death could result.

Do you put rebar in sonotube?

Q. To support a beam for a residential deck, does a Sonotube pier need any rebar? A. … We usually recommend that a minimum of two pieces of #4 rebar be placed vertically in an 8-inch-diameter concrete pier supporting a structure.

What lengths does sonotube come in?

Available in 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″ diameters in standard lengths of 4′. Sonotube® Tube Base® footing forms are used in conjunction with Sonotube concrete forms for added strength, increased stability and greater bearing capacity.

How many bags of concrete do I need for a 4×4 fence post?

Mix two 50lb bags of concrete with water in a mixing tub or 5-gallon bucket. Add concrete into the hole and around the 4” x 4”. Depending on your climate, let concrete set up for 24 – 48 hours.

Should I use Sonotubes for fence posts?

No sonotube. Just make sure you pat the concrete down on the top to slope it, so that the water runs with the grade and away from the post.

How do you install 4×4 fence posts in concrete?

Set the post into the hole and attach 2×4 braces to adjacent sides of the post. Use a level to position the post perfectly vertical. Fill the hole with Fast-Setting Concrete up to 3 to 4 inches below ground level. Pour about a gallon of water per 50 lb bag into the hole and allow the water to saturate the concrete mix.

What size concrete piers do I need?

For sizing pier diameters for small foundations, the rule of thumb is “1 inch per foot of span.” Thus, a deck that spans 8 ft. will stand comfortably on 8-in. -diameter piers, while a deck that spans 10 ft. requires 10-in. -diameter piers.

What size sonotube for a 6×6 post?

The pergola will dimension 11’x 11.5′ on center of post with 6×6 posts (4 posts), tied together with sandwiched 2×12 beams. I’ve laid out footer locations and am about to dig for 8″ sonotube forms.

How many bags of concrete is 3 yards?

A cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet or 46,656 cubic inches, or 45 80lb bags.

How do you calculate footing size?

How to Calculate Footing SizeDetermine the width and length of the cement slab in inches.Divide the width by 12 to convert it to feet. … Divide the length by 12 to convert it to feet. … Determine the depth or thickness that is required for the footing in inches. … Multiply the width by the length and then by the depth.