Quick Answer: Where Is The Best Place To Sell Your Clothes?

Where can I sell my clothes fast?

Here are some options for online consignment and secondhand stores for you to sell used clothes.thredUp.



Le Prix.VarageSale.


Your Instagram account.Take lots of high-quality photos.

Set a realistic price.

Label the brand, color and size.Clothes Mentor.

Buffalo Exchange.

Uptown Cheapskate.

Plato’s Closet..

Why does marshalls sell clothes so cheap?

Maxx and Marshalls buy their merchandise for keeps so they can get goods at a much better price. They also have the power to buy in varying quantities since they can place goods in all stores, or just select stores.

Should I sell or donate my clothes?

Generally, selling items will earn you a greater return than donating them, but there’s usually a bigger time investment when it comes to selling items. Donating clothing doesn’t put cash immediately into your hand, but it can end up saving you some money, particularly if you are paying off a mortgage.

Where can I sell my old clothes in Manila?

Where to Sell Old Clothes, Books, and Other Used ItemsGarage Sale. … Online Marketplaces. … Social Networks. … Caritas Manila’s Segunda Mana. … Citizens’ Disaster Response Center (CDRC) … Operation Blessing Foundation Philippines. … Precious Heritage Ministries Foundation, Inc. … Christian Mission Service Philippines (CMSP)More items…•

How much does Plato’s Closet pay for clothes?

If they buy your clothes, it will usually be around 30-40% of the price you bought it at. They sell their clothes for 60-80% off retail prices, so in order to make a profit, they don’t want to spend much to buy them. They’ll buy basic things like T-shirts for around $2.

Where can I donate old clothes in Manila?

15 Places to Donate Clothes, Furniture, and AppliancesUNIQLO. … H&M Foundation. … Segunda Mana. … Philippine American Guardian Association. … Goodwill Industries of the Philippines. … Philippine Red Cross. … Child Hope Philippine Foundation, Inc. … Citizen’s Disaster Response Center.More items…•

How can I make money with unwanted clothes?

Top sites for selling your old clothesDepop. Best for: Pretty much everything, but vintage and quirky items sell best. … Vinted. Best for: Everything, but upmarket high street brands (think Zara and Mango) tend to do best. … eBay. … ASOS Marketplace. … Preloved. … Facebook Marketplace. … Etsy. … Rebelle.

Is it worth selling clothes online?

“Selling clothing is absolutely worth it, he says. ”Especially when a treasured piece can go to a good home. There’s a great feeling when you can get clothes to someone who truly wants them and is excited about receiving them.”

Where can I sell my clothes for the most money?

Here are six places you can sell clothes for cash online and get a little bit of payback for cleaning out your closet.thredUP. … Poshmark. … Tradesy. … eBay. … Crossroads. … Swap.com.

Where can I sell my used clothes in the Philippines?

Where to Sell Pre-Loved Clothes, Appliances, and Other Items OnlineWebsite: carousell.ph. Mobile application: Google Play Store, Apple Store.Website: shopee.ph. Mobile application: Google Play Store, Apple Store.Website: shopify.com.ph. Mobile application: Google Play Store, Apple Store.

Does TJ Maxx buy used clothes?

Maxx buys new merchandise every week and can buy it piecemeal. So the same in-season, designer items can be found at higher-end department stores and T.J. Maxx at the same time, only the latter sells them for up to 60 percent off. … If they still don’t sell, they’re eventually donated to a thrift store.

Where can I give my clothes for money?

OnlineThredUp. With ThredUp, you can use their clothing calculator to determine how much the company might pay out for your gently worn women’s, juniors’ or children’s clothes. … Poshmark. … Tradesy. … eBay. … Buffalo Exchange. … Local Clothing Exchanges. … Garage Sale. … Goodwill / Salvation Army.

How do you price used clothes?

In a world where there are thousands of places to shop, a good price is the number one most important thing to convince someone to buy YOUR clothes. If your goal is to sell quickly, I recommend pricing your item close to 75 percent off the retail price (50 percent off minimum).

How do I sell my Preloved clothes?

Here’s How You Can Earn Money From Selling Your Pre-Loved ClothesUtilize social media.Try e-commerce sites.Carousell.Carousell is an online marketplace that will take you less than a minute to start selling. All you need is to snap a photo of the item and upload! … Shopee.Shopify.

Why is stuff so cheap at TJ Maxx?

TJ Maxx is able to keep its prices low using a number of different strategies. According to the company, much of it comes down to the way TJ Maxx buys its merchandise. It purchases stock from manufacturers that make too much and department stores that overbuy, and it jumps on deals at the end of the season.

Does TJ Maxx sell fake stuff?

Yet another commonly held myth about TJX is that they sell only irregular or damaged merchandise. This is simply not true: 95% of their goods are top quality (ie. perfect, no flaws) while only 5% is irregular–and if it is, it will be clearly marked as such. For me, this isn’t a big deal.

Is selling to Plato’s Closet worth it?

If you actually want money for it, don’t take it there, you won’t get much. I’ve sold to them quite a few times and you get a pittance. Only as a last resort… they are very picky in what brands they buy and they will offer you WAY less than you would like… but they will buy some and you can get some cash…

What do pawn shops pay the most for?

What Sells Best in Pawnshops 2020?Fine Jewellery. Jewellery made from precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum is of significant interest for pawnbrokers. … Electronics. The market for second-hand consumer electronics is huge and one that pawnshops can’t ignore. … Musical instruments. … Power tools. … Sports equipment.