Should You Keep Action Figures In The Box?

How long do PVC figures last?

20-30 yearsMy figures are out around my apartment and on my desk at work, I don’t really expect them to last less than 20-30 years.

The figma might last slightly less, or at least the joints – I like to repose them every few months.

I just found some in a storage box that I forgot I had..

How do you store old baby toys?

How to Store Nursery Toys for Future ChildrenDiscard toys with chew marks or cracks. … Clean and disinfect all toys before storing. … You can put hard, plastic toys like Legos in the top rack of a dishwasher by placing them in a mesh bag.More items…•

How do you store figures?

Just make sure that if you use a sealed case or container to store your figures, you let them breathe once in a while. And if it’s not in a sealed case, make sure you dust it regularly. Also, if you’re storing multiple figures in one storage container make sure you pack them in correctly.

How do you store action figures in a package?

Generally, when you’re filling tubs with action figures for storage, you want some kind of packing material to keep the figures separated from one another to avoid damage. Bubble wrap or packing paper are good options for this. For me, I wrap the figures in bubble wrap and stack them in the tub.

Do action figures increase in value?

The average action figure takes approximately 20 years after its release to gain significant value. This is the estimated time it takes for an action figure to seem vintage or nostalgic to a now adult.

How do you store toy figures?

How to Store Your Action FiguresSealed Storage Containers: These are for action figures at the high end of the market. … Display Cases: … Plastic Shell Cases: … Re-sealable Containers: … Re-sealable bags: … Sunlight. … Humidity. … Temperature.

Why do action figures get sticky?

The cause of this stickiness or tackiness is the plasticizer that is used the manufacture of action figures. Over long periods of time this plasticizer begins to vaporize. … This also means that figures that use softer plastics or PVC are more prone to this stickiness than figures that use harder plastics or PVC.

Can dust damage action figures?

ofAnswer: No. At worst, dust just makes your figures look dirty; however, that’s usually the worst thing it can do. Dust does not damage your figures. If you’re looking for some items to use for cleaning the dust off your figures, I have listed some resources here.